Corpita Pty Ltd
Corpita Pty Ltd


Corpita produces practical software solutions to help you achieve your objectives with OpenVMS.

We have extensive experience in OpenVMS programming, configuration and legacy system management in particular including network management and provision of web enabled applications. Our customers include top Australian companies.

Corpita employs experienced OpenVMS technical specialists and developers who offer their impressive broad and practical skills to the OpenVMS market and customers.

We are partnered with a wide ramnge of IT vendors to support our OpenVMS development work.

About OpenVMS

VMS was first released in 1977. It was developed by a small group of very specialised engineers who pursued quality without compromise. Now, over 40 years later, OpenVMS is still a preferred platform for highly stable, industrial strength enterprise systems.

VMS became "OpenVMS" on the release of full native support for POSIX, initially specified by the US Department of Defense, and later adopted by IEEE.

OpenVMS Clusters are still the best clusters on the market. They are built around a distributed lock manager.

Originally being supported on proprietary DEC & HP hardware platforms, including: VAX; Alpha; and Intel Itanium; OpenVMS is now being ported to the Intel x86 platform.


SysWorks : OpenVMS

Corpita Sells two OpenVMS products to assist developers and system managers:

SysWorks® Administrator which simplifies the task of System administration for anyone who manages an OpenVMS system.

SysWorks® Developer improves programming efficiency and simplifies the job of compiling, building and installing software for OpenVMS.

You can find out more about our OpenVMS services
at our SysWorks Website.